Our Testimonials

1. Rebecca

Prior to baby capsule my husband had a count of less than 5 million in all tests. 2 months after taking the baby capsule his count increased to 30 million and after 4 months we are happily at 80 million!

2. Christina

My husband has been taking this for close to 2 months now. He has felt a difference but we have yet to conceive. But things are looking up!

3. Christina

I purchased baby capsules for my husband we had been trying to get pregnant for over 4 years and he was told he had a low count. Well a month after he started taking it I'm pregnant and we just found out its twins.

4. Mandy Confer

My husband just started taking this and definitely noticed an increase in volume and thickness of his sperm hoping this leads to get pregnant. He's only been taking it for two weeks.

5. Laura

I took this product for 2 months and 2 weeks later found out my wife was pregnant. I truly recommend this product. Thanks, Baby capsule

6. Maria

This stuff is great it increased my husbands sperm count and motility dramatically and now I am happy to say after trying baby capsules for about 3 months to get pregnant.



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