Treatment for Infertility

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Hashmi Health Care is one of the most distinguished herbal clinic in Amroha, UP India. This Clinic was established in the year 1929 and since it has cured many patients using a unique method of herbal remedies. The only goal of this clinic is to bring happiness in the patient’s life and to provide effective & affordable treatment. Unani herbal treatment successfully cures this ailment without any negative effects.Hashmi Baby capsules are specially meant for the people who are suffering from infertility problems. Azoospermia, childlessness, Oligospermia and low volume in sperms can be cured with the regular and appropriate usages of Baby Capsules. We offer you the best herbal solutions to cure infertility in a natural way.

Millions of couples are affected by infertility. Many undergo months or even years of expensive and frustrating fertility treatment without positive results. While some causes of infertility can only be corrected by surgery, herbal remedies have been used successfully for thousands of years in traditional medicine in order to increase fertility and improve the functioning of the male and female reproductive systems. For fertility treatments for both men & women consult Dr Hashmi by filling the contact form or call him on +91- 09058429887 for healing.

With the help of our experience in Herbal World, we are providing our best combination of herbs to our customers. We carried many difficult treatments and succeeded in our mission. Our Success grows on your Trust. Our mission is to provide a great highly best combination of Herbal medicines in order to cure the diseases. Due to excellent level of treatment and result what we achieved, we are getting massive response among our clients for the offered services with successful treatments. Moreover, we use world class Herbal Treatments and Medicines while treatment and our services comparability less when compare to outside market.



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